Exterior Maintenance Painting Program

Now that you have invested your money in a new exterior painting job, why not keep it looking great for years to come? There are many reasons why a good preventive maintenance will benefit you:
Makes sure your paint is protecting your home from deterioration – limits costly wood and siding replacement
Spot potential problems before they become major replacement issues.
Keeps your new paint looking fresh longer
Extend the number of years before a full repaint is needed.

This Is How It Works

There is NO CHARGE to place your home on a preventive maintenance program. To keep your new paint looking great for years to come simply authorize us to call you each year and schedule your free exterior paint evaluation. Once a year we will send you a reminder note letting you know it’s time for your exterior paint evaluation. We’ll follow up with a phone call to schedule a convenient time to visit your home.

When we visit we will conduct a thorough evaluation on the condition of your exterior paint and make recommendations we feel are necessary to keep the protection going. We’ll check siding, trim, gutters, downspouts, exterior doors, caulking and sealants, and windows and trim.

We’ll provide you with a free summary evaluation. This service is completely free for all of our Santa Cruz area homeowners who chose Scott Smith Painting.


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