Exterior Wood/Siding and Trim/Painted/Sound & Continuous/To Be Painted

a. Surface Preparation:

NOTE‚ If lead is suspected in the paint, do not attempt to scrape, sand, power wash, use heat gun, etc., which might put lead into the environment, but rather contact a contractor qualified for lead assessment and abatement

  • treat any mildew with a 3:1 water:household bleach mixture, leaving it on for 20 minutes and adding more as it dries; wear eye and skin protection; rinse thoroughly
  • dull any glossy paint by sanding with fine (#220) grit garnet paper; wear eye protection, dust mask and work gloves
  • remove dirt, chalk, etc. by scrubbing with detergent and water (rinse thoroughly) or by careful power washing using plain water; NOTE: woods that tend to be very soft, such as old and weathered cedar and redwood, can easily be damaged by the high pressure jet of power washing

b. Priming:

  • priming helpful but not necessary (note: some latex paints may specify use of a primer if used over oil based paint)
  • use quality exterior latex or oil-based primer that is recommended for wood repaint surfaces
  • do not leave a primer unpainted

c. Painting:

  • use top-of-the-line exterior 100% acrylic latex house paint in flat, satin, semigloss or gloss finish, depending on appearance desired
  • use quality oil-based house paint if surface is build up of old oil-based paint
  • do not apply oil-based paint over latex paint

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