Exterior/Hardboard/Not Painted Before but Factory Primed/To Be Painted

a. Surface Preparation:

  • clean off any dirt with a detergent and water mixture; rinse thoroughly

b. Priming:

  • priming is recommended for maximum resistance to wax bleed, swelling and mildew, even though the surface is pre-primed
  • use quality exterior latex primer recommended for hardboard siding
  • prime immediately after installation; or pre-prime before installation
  • prime all edges, including where possible those cut as part of installation
  • do not leave a primer unpainted

c. Painting:

  • use top-of-the-line exterior 100% acrylic latex house paint in flat, satin, semigloss finish, depending on appearance desired
  • satin paints are less vulnerable to wax bleed through than are flat paints (particularly “economy” flat products

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