Wallpaper/Previously Painted/Will Remove Wallpaper (Highly Recommended)/To Be Painted

a. Surface Preparation:

  • carefully score or perforate, and remove wallpaper with steamer or warm water with detergent, using 3″ blade and scraping carefully
  • with vinyl or other type coverings, peel off as much as possible before resorting to scraping
  • scrub off all residual paste, sizing, etc., using non-metallic scouring pad, and rinse thoroughly
  • repair all scratches and gouges with spackle or patching plaster, and sand smooth
  • fill gaps and openings with quality acrylic or siliconized acrylic caulk, and immediately smooth it flush; allow to dry over night and make a second application if needed; do not sand a caulk

b. Priming:

  • priming is necessary for adequate adhesion and uniformity of sheen and hiding
  • use a stain blocking latex primer that is recommended for interior use
  • do not leave a primer unpainted

c. Painting:

  • for best dirt resistance, durability and cleanability, use a top-of-the-line interior latex wall paint in flat or eggshell finish, depending on appearance desired
  • an eggshell finish will provide better dirt and stain resistance
  • a medium line, dead flat latex wall paint will do well for hiding irregularities in the surface, and will touch up less noticeably than a paint with more sheen

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