Wallpaper/Previously Painted/Will Not Remove Wallpaper/To Be Painted

a. Surface Preparation:
  • if the previously applied paint is not in good condition with a uniform finish, use the surface preparation directions provided under “never painted/will not remove wallpaper/to be painted”
  • if the old paint is in good, continuous condition, then use these directions:
  • carefully reattach any lifted wallpaper (check especially at seams), by inserting a small quantity of white glue, and pressing down
  • remove any dirt using a damp sponge and detergent, and rinse thoroughly

b. Priming:

  • do a test section in an inconspicuous area, with the intended paint, with and without a primer coat
  • for the primer, use a latex stain blocking primer that is recommended for interior use
  • after drying, evaluate the test section for lack of color bleeding and lifting; and for uniformity of texture and sheen, and decide whether to proceed with painting or not, or to remove the wallpaper and prepare the surface as described above in “previously painted/will remove wallpaper Ð highly recommended/to be painted”
  • do not leave a primer unpainted

c. Painting:

  • use a quality latex wall paint in a flat or eggshell finish
  • a flat finish will minimize appearance of texture and unevenness of the wall paper

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